Dental Implants

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  • STEP 01

    Diagnosis and treatment plan

    Planning treatment, taking the patient's physical and dental condition, social and economic situation into consideration
    Consultation session (Discuss feasibility)
    Taking pictures of the patient's face, teeth condition, take an X-ray and CT of each tooth
    Explaining the treatment plan
  • STEP 02

    First operation: Implant Placement

    A titanium post is placed under the gum to replace the tooth root and then there is a waiting period of 2-6 months until the post and bone is firmly integrated and connected.
    When the patient's condition requires bone grafting, this may take longer
    During this time, a temporary tooth is placed on the post.
  • STEP 03

    During this time, a temporary tooth is placed on the post.

    The implant is connected to the post which penetrates through the gum into the mouth
  • STEP 04

    Connecting the prosthetic tooth

    At this stage, the crown is connected to the implant.